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Designs for Bridesmaid Dresses

Getting the ideal bridesmaid dresses is hard work. There are six things brides should put in mind when it comes to bridesmaid dresses. It has to be a color that will flatter ALL ladies in the lineup. Certain designs will not... Continue Reading →


Date Night Ideas; S through Z

The final segment for the Date Night Ideas ABC sequence. Letters S through Z 🙂 S for: Swimming: even if you don’t know how to swim, try spending time around a mass of water together. 😀 Stargazing: have you ever... Continue Reading →

Date Night Ideas; H through R

Part Three of the Date Night Ideas, picking up from letter H all through R 🙂 H for: Hiking: whether within or outside the city, Kenya has many amazing hiking tracks. Humanitarian work: how about volunteering? Or spend the day... Continue Reading →

Date Night Ideas; DEFG

We started the A to Z list on date nights. Last week, we gave you the ABC here. Today, we give you ideas D through G 🙂 D for: Dinner: go out for dinner or have an in-house romantic dinner... Continue Reading →

Date Night Ideas; ABC

When you have been with the same person for a while, ideas for date night begin to fizzle out. And sometimes, when you’re just fresh and all honey-moony with your plus one, ideas just seem to 'run' away. We have... Continue Reading →

Double date?

When it comes to dating, three is always a crowd - unless you have been vetted and confirmed as the official third wheel to kingdom come. However, sometimes, the more the merrier applies; especially if you are meeting someone for the... Continue Reading →

Spice Up That Bridal Shower

Bridal Showers/Bachelorette Parties/Hen Nights are one of those days in a woman's life that should be special, full of love and laughter. It is an especially important day, as it is the last day a woman spends with her female friends... Continue Reading →

Christian Pick-Up Lines

Somehow, Valentines always brings out that PickUpLine gene in humans. The Christian brothers and sisters have refused to be left out too 😀 Looking for a Christian date? Spray them with some of these lines 😀 Photos: Courtesy

First Date?

Believe it or not, if you can survive January especially in Africa, then you can survive a hurricane, a sand storm, a wolf bite - even the apocalypse. The apocalypse sounds really bad, because from what I have seen in movies,... Continue Reading →

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