Traditionally, wedding planning has been entirely left to the bride and her team. However, grooms are slowly embracing the idea of helping to plan for their day. In our last post here we gave you reasons why grooms should take charge of wedding planning. Today, we give you the ultimate groom’s guide to wedding planning 😀



  • Get fit: Your wedding day will be the single most most-photographed day of your life. The first few weeks after your wedding will be days you will spend most of your time naked. You need to be fit.
  • Help out with the big 3: The greatest nightmares in wedding planning are the guest list, date and venue. Help your bride in settling for these.
  • Pick your ring: You will wear your band for the rest of your life. Accompany your bride while picking out the rings.
  • Pick your team: Your groomsmen, your responsibility.
  • Pick the music: Unless you are a fan of Katy Perry, you do not want your wife to be picking the music for your wedding by herself- or leaving it entirely to the DJ.
  • Plan the honeymoon: Above all else, this is YOUR responsibility.
  • Buy groomsmen gift: A simple thank you will go a long way. It doesn’t have to be over the top.



  1. Her dress: You do not want to interfere with this.
  2. The cake: You are the taster, but that’s all. Unless you’re a chef or cake lover.
  3. The flowers: Unless you can spot peonies, just nod and say “that’s perfect, babe”.
  4. Coordinating colors: Choose your colors together. Beyond that, only participate if you are sure your bride to be is worse off when it comes to colors.



  1. Surprises: get her a gift on the wedding day or surprise her with dinner or massages during the planning period. Do something nice.
  2. Practice the first dance: you may hate dancing, but the first dance will get you extra points. Even if it’s a performance with the groomsmen, you will be happy you did it.
  3. Be the buffer: give her a shoulder to cry on when things get stressful. Moreover, be the voice of reason when planning gets too overboard.
  4. Limit the sarcasm: with the stress wedding planning brings, too much sarcasm will kill her spirit. She insists on fuchsia and not baby pink, while to you it’s all pink, bite your tongue. Lol

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