Traditionally, wedding planning has been left to the bride and whatever team she comes up with. Even when a couple hire a wedding planner, they will always need to consult with the planner. However, not many grooms take part in these talks, probably because tradition has made wedding planning a “bride’s thing” or the grooms feel they will upset their spouses by saying no as opposed to “that’s okay by me, baby”. In the end, we have many men complaining of how they went over the budget or had to make ALL the compromises.

It’s time to change tradition and be realistic. Men should also participate in wedding planning. Here’s why:

  1. They like to show off their talents

When it comes to the talents they possess, men are very good at showing off. They revel in it. It’s a chance to pump their ego, so brides, do let them. Is your fiancé good at negotiating? Let him take charge when talking with vendors. Is he good at Photoshop or design? Let him take charge of the invitations. There is always something he is good at, that he can take charge in and get not only the better prices, but also reduce the stress build-up for his bride.

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  1. They are better at being level headed

Let’s be honest; women get carried out quite fast. Wedding planning is one of those times a bride will get carried away when she spots a ridiculously outstanding item, and want to have it- even when it’s beyond the budget. Men will do better at sticking to reality. Accompany her while she goes to meet vendors.

  1. They are also paying for the wedding

The groom is also paying for the wedding. Do you not want to see your money being put into good reasonable use? Who knows, he may be in a better position to get better deals at cheaper rates.

  1. Two heads are better than one

Two will always be better than one. Be sure to hear that phrase even during the sermon. The groom will bring you back to reality when you want wall to wall floral covers and you can level him up when he wants a Rolls Royce convoy.

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  1. Uurm, it is your wedding too

It is your wedding, too, Mr Groom! Wedding planning can be insanely stressful. Please don’t leave every planning and executing detail to your bride. You are neither a guest nor a spectator.