Here are 20 tips to help you save money when planning your wedding 🙂

  1. Don’t get married on a Saturday

Saturdays will always be more expensive than weekdays. Choose a weekday, like Friday, where you can have a great time without worrying of guests staying in late, and where you can enjoy great discounts.

  1. Avoid the peak seasons

Weekends, holidays and holiday months (December and April) are considered peak seasons. Try having your wedding in off peak months, where prices of everything are considerable.

  1. Start saving early

We all want a certain kind of wedding. It wouldn’t hurt to start saving a couple of hundreds or thousands every month. Harambees, pre-weddings and committees are becoming too much to ask of friends and family.

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  1. Find venues that don’t require using their vendors

In most instances, it is cheaper bringing in your own team of vendors, as opposed to hiring out vendors from your venue.

  1. Limit the venues

Have the ceremony and reception at the same venue to limit on transportation costs, double costs, time wastage, etc. Getting a venue that has both a garden and ballroom would be a great combination.

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  1. Limit the guest list

We Africans love big weddings. However, does your budget really allow for a 500-guest wedding? A smaller guest list will help minimize some costs while maximizing on the necessary ones.

  1. Choose a restaurant for your reception

Having your reception at a restaurant is of great advantage. Most restaurants will ask you to pay for food and drinks only, as opposed to paying for venue, food and drinks.

  1. Don’t have a full meal

Instead of going for a full course, serve bitings and dessert. Alternatively, have a simple buffet.

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  1. Go easy on the cake

A big or many cakes will be very expensive. Have a medium cake, with cupcakes for the guests, which can couple up as favors, as opposed to many big cakes.

  1. Go easy on the flowers

Get flowers that are in season, as they will be cheaper. Also, avoid too many flowers in the venues, and instead, go for more décor. Alternatively, use DIY or fake/plastic flowers.


  1. Go for cheaper options

Expensive isn’t always ideal. For instance, some chairs and flowers are cheaper than others, etc. Find pretty but cheaper products.

  1. Choose a venue that doesn’t need much décor

This will help reduce costs on décor, flowers, etc.

  1. When people offer to help, let them

Don’t put the burden on yourselves. Accept reasonable help from people. Key word – reasonable. And hire an event planner 😉

  1. Look out for big sales

Black Friday sales would be a great time to find sales on gowns and bridesmaid/groomsmen attire. It could save by thousands.

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  1. Cut back on expenditure

Some miscellaneous expenses like delivery and multiple trips could be reduced. If someone can pick up décor and attire, etc. it will reduce the costs of delivery by the vendors.

  1. Wear a previously owned gown, or rent one

As opposed to buying a new gown you will never wear again, rent a gown or have a custom-made dress that can be worn at a later date.

  1. Hire, don’t buy

For anything that you can find to rent or hire, opt for that instead of buying. Renting or hiring items can be as significant as half the price of buying items.

  1. Make use of online correspondence

Make use of emails, Whatsapp and social media to tell your guests of your dates and other necessary information. You can create a website for the wedding, so that all information is found in one place.

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  1. Know what you don’t need

Cut back on all extra expenses and unnecessary items. For instance, you don’t need napkins for every guest, or flashy favors, etc.

  1. Know your budget

Find vendors and plan around your budget. Don’t overstretch to the point that you’re completely broke after the wedding, or have to cut back on the expenses of more vital things to accommodate the stretch. Saving early and being financially disciplined will always go a long way.

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