When going wedding gown shopping, there are a few things every bride should put into perspective;

  • Time: choose a time of the day you can spare enough time, without worrying of getting late elsewhere.
  • Upper body: the top of your wedding dress is what people notice most, and what shows up in most wedding pictures. Pick something comfortable, ideal and fitting.
  • Trends: do not pick a dress just because it’s currently trendy. Pick what suits you best.
  • Camera: if the boutique can allow it, carry a camera and snap every dress you try on. Mirrors are used to sell dresses; cameras never lie.
  • Choices: try out a number of gowns, but not too many, lest you get overwhelmed.
  • Company: you don’t have to bring a whole squad to the fitting. Two friends are enough. To bring balance in opinion.
  • Bra: wear your best fitting bra to the gown fitting. It will give you a better and easier time.
  • Questions: ask all questions you need to in regards to style, modification, prices, etc.

To make your gown fitting easier for you, here are guidelines on getting the best dress for your body shape.

  1. Hourglass

If your hip and bust are almost of equal size, and have a narrow waist, then you have an hourglass body shape. The best fits would be mermaid/trumpet, A-line/princess and column/sheath.




  1. Tall and Thin

The bust and hips are almost the same size, with the waist being slightly smaller. Your best it would be mermaid/trumpet, column/sheath and ball gown.




  1. Petite

Petite women are generally small bodied. Your best fit would be column/sheath, A-line/princess and empire waist.



  1. Apple

Apple-shaped women have broader shoulders and bust, and narrower hips. Your best gowns would be A-line/princess, ball gown and empire waist.



  1. Pear

If your hip measurements are greater than your bust measurements, you belong to this category. Your best gowns would be A-line/princess, ball gown and empire waist.




  1. Full Figure

Full figured women are plump or curvaceous body. Your best gowns would be A-line/princess and empire waist.




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