The final segment for the Date Night Ideas ABC sequence. Letters S through Z 🙂

S for:

  • Swimming: even if you don’t know how to swim, try spending time around a mass of water together. 😀
  • Stargazing: have you ever watched the stars?  Try it. Find a spot outside, cuddle up and spend a few hours.
  • Skating: are you good at balance? Find out.
  • Spa treatments: a couple’s spa treatment is another must try. Check out different packages by different spas and find your best fit.
  • Shopping: Go for shopping or window shopping together. It is not only a good way to plan, but to also gauge how your spouse spends. 😀
  • Skydiving: thrill, adrenaline, happiness.
  • Seafood: have an evening of sea food delicacies. For instance, the Serena Hotels seafood buffet


T for:

  • Trivias: pick from a variety of topics and do some trivias
  • TV shows: when was the last time you caught a TV show you love together? Make time
  • Tours: take a tour even within your town or city. Choose an evening, when there is less commotion.
  • Theatre: catch a play at the Kenya National Theatre or the Alliance Francaise

U for:

Undisclosed dates: plan a date your spouse won’t know details of until you get to the destination.

V for:

  • Vacation: who doesn’t want a baecation? Whether for a weekend or a week or month, time alone away is of great essence
  • Volunteer work: volunteer at the various charity or humanitarian organizations for a day or two
  • Video games: have you played video games with your partner? I know I haven’t!
  • Visit people: visit your friends or family together. Spend time with other people together.


W for:

  • Walks: take an evening stroll with your spouse. Hold hands and talk. Walks are therapeutic
  • Window shopping: it never did hurt to plan forward or simply admire, right?
  • Work out: whether at home or at the gym, work out together. Help each other stay in shape 🙂
  • Wine tasting: wine, please!
  • Whiskey tasting: this is guaranteed to be an evening of absolute buzz. Use an uber, please. 😀

Image result for wine tasting

X for:

  • Xplore new foods and drinks: whether in a hotel or club or in the comfort of your own house, try out a new recipe
  • Xbox: let’s play a game, shall we?

Y for:

  • YouTube videos: when was the last time you sat to watch YouTube Videes together? Funny videos will be the best pick
  • Yoga: cheesy? No. Everyone needs to know how to meditate and calm


Z for:

Zip lining: adrenaline rush will be an awesome way to spend a date, no? the Savage Wilderness Camp in Sagan offers this.

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