Part Three of the Date Night Ideas, picking up from letter H all through R 🙂

H for:

  • Hiking: whether within or outside the city, Kenya has many amazing hiking tracks.
  • Humanitarian work: how about volunteering? Or spend the day at a children’s home, home for the disabled or home for the old. It is rather fulfilling
  • Horseback riding: who can ever get bored by this?

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I for:

  • Ice cream date: believe me, they are still a thing
  • Improvisations: improvise a date idea. For instance, for movie night, make popcorn and snacks, or for discovering new meals, try making it at home together

J for:

  • Junk food date: you will burn off the calories later. One cheat day is okay
  • Jazz concerts: from Aaron Rimbui live, to Safaricom Jazz festival etc. jazz festivals are one of the most fun yet chilled out concerts
  • Jigsaw puzzles: let’s get solving!

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K for:

  • Karaoke: whether at a club or at home, this will definitely be an awesome date
  • Kayaking: Rapids Camp and Savage Wilderness Riverside Cap in Sagana ofer this
  • Kites: reconnect with your childhood spirit 😀

L for:

  • Lunch dates: spare some time over lunch time during weekdays and grab a meal together
  • Live shows and recordings: Churchill show, Because You Said So, etc. You will want to attend at least two.

M for:

  • Movies: movies or series, indoors or at the cinema, whatever your pick, we have helped spice this up. Check out our ultimate movie challenge here
  • Mountain climbing: it doesn’t have to be Mt Kenya. Try out other lower mountains in Kenya.
  • Museum: when was the last time you visited the museum?
  • Mystery dinner: go out to a restaurant and have the chef surprise you

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N for:

  • Netflix: need I say more?
  • Nature walk: not only are nature walks intimate, but they are also quite relaxing. Choose a morning or evening, when the sun isn’t too hot

O for:

Orchestras: check out for performances by local and international orchestras.

P for:

  • Picnic: have you tried having a picnic in Nairobi? You are missing out
  • Park visits: Nairobi is home to a couple of parks. Purpose to visit them all over a period
  • Paintball: let’s get dirty, shall we?
  • Painting: whether you choose to go for a class, or try painting at home, this will be one of the most hilarious dates.
  • Puzzles: again, why not? Solve them together or compete against each other.
  • Pizza night: ooh, pizza
  • Photo shoot: cherish the memories, and purpose to have a photo-shoot at least once a year. Selfies don’t count.

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Q for:

  • Quadruple dates: pair up with three other couples and have a quadruple date
  • Q and A night: when was the last time you and your partner had a Q and A? Questions trying to know each other more. Check out our next post on questions you may ask your spouse or new date.

R for:

  • Random acts of kindness: help her prepare the meal, offer to wash his car, leave each other love notes, buy each other a gift, give each other a massage, etc. Just do something kind and loving.
  • Road trips: whether as a couple or as a group of friends, road trip are a must try
  • Reading night: spend the time reading. Novels, journals, etc. a quiet night together would be nice too
  • Rafting: Rapids Camp in Sagana is Kenya’s best rafting location

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