We started the A to Z list on date nights. Last week, we gave you the ABC here. Today, we give you ideas D through G 🙂

D for:

  • Dinner: go out for dinner or have an in-house romantic dinner by yourselves.
  • Driving range: have fun at the Gp Karting on Carnivore Road on race tracks
  • Dance class: take up a dance class, and have fun alongside other individuals and/or couples

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E for:

  • Exercise: spare an hour to exercise together. Doing this at home would be a better idea than going off to the gym.
  • Early bird specials: look out for early bird specials for that week and try to grab one. Whether for a play, concert, drinks or meals, this will be an activity you will love.
  • Education: have you ever thought of spending time on education matters? Pick topics you are good at and exchange ideas, or have quizzes and speed tests.

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F for:

  • Food market: accompany your spouse to the market and do some shopping together. You will be surprised at how happy she will be
  • Food tasting: go for food tastings within town or go to a hotel and try out a meal you have never had.
  • Football: stay in and watch a football game with him, or go to a live match together. And for heaven’s sake, research the basics beforehand and spare the questions for half time!
  • Family dinner: have dinner with your families or invite your friends over and have a dinner.

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G for:

  • Game night: plan a game night as just yourselves or with a group of friends. Charades, cards, chess, quizzes, etc.
  • Getaway: plan a getaway for a weekend or week
  • Golf: ever tried golf? Why not try it together?

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