When it comes to dating, three is always a crowd – unless you have been vetted and confirmed as the official third wheel to kingdom come. However, sometimes, the more the merrier applies; especially if you are meeting someone for the very first time. I think it’s the more the people, the safer it is. It is harder to kill three people than one person, anyway.

When it comes to double dates, don’t shrug off the idea. There are times a double date will do more harm than good. So when is it a good or bad idea to have a double date?

A double date is really good if this is your first date. It makes it easier for ice breaking, since it will limit how fearful you are of each other. It also allows you to feel comfortable conversing about almost anything. Not so bad, right?

A double date can be a fun experience for a game night or a team activity. Sometimes, you being on the same team with your partner allows you to foster more trust and definitely come up with a way to beat your opponents.

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Unless both couples are unaware of what boundaries are, being on a double date encourages you to be on the best behavior. It’s really weird being out on a date and the other couple starts fighting and you end up ordering popcorn to keep up with their drama. If you are not a Kardashian and drama is not your middle name, hush it. At least in front of your friends.

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If you were looking to become a little intimate on your date, a double date is not the best idea. You cannot freely express physical intimacy with each other if you are on a double date.

If you are the clingy, touchy or give-me-all-the-attention type, then do not go for a double date. It will suck. Double dates get rid of the one on one bonding time. So you will probably feel like you are being tortured to stay out.

If you and your friend are sexists, then please take the idea of a double date and drain it down the loo. It’s not for you, because you guys might end up throwing words at each other trying to defend your genders. It’s a date, not a gender empowerment session.

Would you ever try and go on a double date? Ever been on a double date? Share your thoughts.