When you have been with the same person for a while, ideas for date night begin to fizzle out. And sometimes, when you’re just fresh and all honey-moony with your plus one, ideas just seem to ‘run’ away. We have prepared a list for date ideas, and simplified it in the ABC. As they say, nothing is as easy as ABC. 😀

A for

  • Aquarium: plan a trip to the Coast (if you don’t live there) and visit the aquarium. It’s quite amusing
  • Art gallery: Art galleries in Nairobi include The Shifteye Gallery, Nairobi Gallery, Banana Hill Art Gallery, The GoDown Arts Centre, Kuona Trust, One Off Contemporary Art Gallery, Artz Gallery
  • Artifact shopping: The Nairobi Gallery, Artifact Gallery and The Maasai Market are good places to shop or window shop for artifacts.

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Image result for ART GALLERY

B for

  • Brunch: plan a breakfast cum lunch with your partner when you can both escape.
  • Bike rides: take a bike ride with your partner and embrace the youngster feel again
  • Board games: board games like scribble or snakes and ladders, etc would be a very fun pastime, don’t you think?
  • Bookstores: visit a bookstore and build up your library
  • Bed and breakfast: escape your house for a night and pamper yourself, even within town
  • Beer tasting: for the beer lovers, beer tasting with your spouse would be fun, no?

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C for:

  • Concert: attend a concert together. Loud or chilled out, there will always be a concert fi for everyone
  • Comedy: attend a comedy show, and laugh your hearts out
  • Camping: plan a weekend camping adventure. Go out of town aas a couple or group of couples.
  • Coffee date: revisit the honeymoon stages where coffee dates were a thing. Good thing, you can do this even during the week J
  • Couple’s massage: one sentence – the most relaxing thing you will ever do
  • Chocolate tasting: this is sexy. Forget the I-hate-chocolate nonsense
  • Cheese tasting: couple this with wine (alcoholic or non-alcoholic), and you will be in taste-heaven
  • Cooking together: Being together in the kitchen will always end well. Trust me
  • Cake tasting: don’t just wait for cake festival. Take a day and taste a number of cakes.

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Watch out for D to Z 😉

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