Believe it or not, if you can survive January especially in Africa, then you can survive a hurricane, a sand storm, a wolf bite – even the apocalypse. The apocalypse sounds really bad, because from what I have seen in movies, January looks like a better deal. But hey, why talk about the apocalypse when we can talk about Valentines?!

In about 13 days,many people will know their place, and just how much they are “in a relationship”. Most people will be out on dates, with a number of these being on a first date. We all just want to impress the hell the heaven out of our dates, but sometimes, we over stretch it and it can go south pretty fast.

So before you ruin something that has not begun, let me share a few do’s and dont’s.

1. DON’T get ahead of yourself. I repeat DO NOT get ahead of yourself. I know we get all get excited and probably feel that person is “The One”, but better safe than sorry. Have your expectations at a low and allow the other party to surpass them. Please don’t start naming your babies even before you know his second name. Slooooow down ma’am.


2. DO stay in your lane. I know no one likes boring, but don’t go over and beyond what you can provide just to impress. Imagine ending up behind bars or peeling off a whole sack of potatoes. Sounds fun, but not for a first date, lol.


3. DO wear shoes you can comfortably walk in, ladies. We all want to look good, but don’t break your legs while at it. Sadly, not everyone knows how to walk in heels. SUCKS!!! We don’t want you getting blisters or walking barefoot. Not too classy now, is it? Be comfortable.


4.DO call a friend for a pep talk. If you feel a bit nervous about the date, call up your best friend. If you guys are truly real, they will help you get your confidence right on track!

5. DON’T psychoanalyze your date. Just because you have a past of trust issues, do not take it out on your date. It’s easier said than done, but that road never ends well. You’d rather talk about stars and how Mars possibly has a number of aliens, but don’t try and psychoanalyze them.

6.DON’T get too personal. You have just met this person, remember, so don’t go out pouring anything and everything in your secret chest just to look honest. Not everyone needs to know how you almost once killed a neighbor. Furthermore, a little mystery creates a longer history.

7.DON’T talk about your ex. You might feel the urge to open up about what really happened, but it’s not important – at least not for the first day. Most times, one ends up looking bitter or, even worse, heartless! Not a good picture.


8. No, really, DON’T talk about your ex.

9. DON’T let him or her take you to a second location if you don’t like them. They are not doing you a favor taking you out. If you feel like he or she is not your type, leave politely after dinner or whatever date you were having.

If you’re planning on going on a first date, I hope this tips help. If you have gone on a first date – amazing or horrible – tell us about it. 🙂 Remember to share 🙂