One of most problematic things during Saint Valentine’s Day is finding the perfect gift to give your loved one. You want it to be special, to make an impression, to be thoughtful, and most of all, to be a better gift than the one you receive 😉 You don’t want to look juvenile or a hopeless romantic. You also don’t want to get it wrong or look like some unromantic creature!

It’s a day to celebrate love, and being the romantic should be your number one priority. Heavy bucks aside, we have compiled a list of gifts you can buy or make for your loved one- whether male or female. With exactly two weeks to go, let’s get digging J

  1. Scents and Oils

Unlike other gifts, scents have a very personal feel. Every time you get a whiff of your cologne, at whatever time of the day, you will remember your beloved. Consciously, you will associate that specific scent to him or her.

Be sure to get scents that are within the confines of your beloved’s selection. Do they like flowery or mild scents? Bold or soft ones? Find out if they are allergic to any scents too. Oils and scented candles also fall in this category.

Suggested retailers: Scents Kenya, Scentastic Perfumes, Kenya Perfume Parlour, Body and Bath Mama Ngina Street, etc.


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  1. Clothes

There is a joy when someone buys you a piece of clothing. Whether shoes, lingerie, a tie, socks, etc, clothing can be a great gift to give during Valentine’s. However, if you bought them clothes for Christmas, for their birthday or for New Years’, Valentine’s will not be the most appropriate time to add to the wardrobe.

Suggested retailers: Men Accessories Africa, Lingerie World, Sox Kenya, Foxy Lingerie Kenya

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  1. Accessories

Whatever the time of year, accessories will NEVER go out of fashion. As your beloved walks about in their day, seeing or touching an accessory you bought for them will have them thinking of you. And we cannot deny there is some great fulfillment in watching your loved one wearing an accessory you bought them.

Find out the makes they would prefer, and any allergies they may have to specific metals. You can never go wrong when it comes to bracelets, watches, earrings, necklaces, cufflinks, make-up, etc.

Suggested retailers: Accessories Trend, Twirry Accessories, Accessories Kenya

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  1. Albums and Books

If your special one is a great fan of books or albums, buying them a book by one of their favorite authors or an album by one of their favorite musicians will definitely bring out contended smiles.

Suggested Retailers: Keswick Gift Shop, Kassangas Music Shop, The Kenya Conservatoire of Music, Wynton House of Music, Tune Inn, Recordez

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  1. Love Hampers

Gift hampers will come in different types and collections. You may find one with different types of oils, or one of candles, one of male necessities, the love hampers with teddy bears and chocolate, etc. Gift hampers are nature’s way of saying “you deserve it all and more”.

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  1. Acts of Service

Simple acts of service go a long way, especially to people whose desired love language is acts of service. Make you special one a meal, however simple, wash their car, press their laundry, help them prepare your meal, give them a massage, decorate one room in the house, etc. Just reach out to help.

Suggested retailers: Your special hands, recipes from Kaluhis KitchenChef Raphael, etc

  1. Shared Gifts

Treat your loved one to a couple’s massage, dinner, brunch, a picnic, a concert, a mini getaway, a night at a hotel, etc. Opt for their favorite places, or a place you know they would love.

Check out amazing Valentine’s offers 2017 HERE

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  1. Love Jars

Love jars are just containers filled out with short letters. They could be love notes, ideas for our date nights, etc. Make them 365 notes and your loved one can open one note for every day of the next one year. If you cannot make the 365 notes at ones, keep refilling the jar, and have a year round of love and thoughtfulness.

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  1. Personalized Gifts

Personalized gifts will always bring a smile to your face, despite the season. Get your special one a mug, shirt, hoodie, bracelet, pillow, board, etc with a love, cheesy, funny or romantic message.

Suggested retailers: Inscribed Gifts KenyaThe Gift Wand

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