Movies and films may probably be one of the few universally acceptable pass time or date activities. Most often than not, we spend time finding the most appropriate movie to watch with friends or a significant other. In the end, you’re either too bored from too much scrolling, or end up watching something that’s really not appropriate for your mood or environment.

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We have compiled the ultimate movie challenge. Get this list of 52 types of movies, and tick when you have watched that genre J Make 2017 fun!

  1. A trilogy
  2. A documentary
  3. A silent movie
  4. A funny movie
  5. A classic romance
  6. A movie with magic
  7. A movie with a one word title
  8. A movie with a female director
  9. A movie with a number in the title
  10. A movie a friend recommended
  11. A movie with a love triangle
  12. An Academy Award Best Picture
  13. A movie based on a true story
  14. A movie based on or turned into a TV show
  15. A movie based entirely on its cover
  16. A movie based on a book
  17. A movie based on a graphic novel or comic
  18. A movie directed by someone under 30
  19. A movie you have or own but have never watched
  20. A movie that made you cry
  21. A movie either of your family members loves
  22. A movie made by a director with your initials
  23. A movie at the bottom of your to-watch list
  24. A movie set in Kenya
  25. A movie you hate
  26. A movie that came out the year you were bor
  27. A movie that scares you
  28. A movie released this year
  29. A memoir
  30. A musical
  31. A mystery or thriller
  32. A banned movie
  33. A collection of short films
  34. A movie that takes place in your most favorite city in the world
  35. A movie from a director that love that you haven’t seen yet
  36. A movie from a director you have never seen before
  37. A movie set in high school or college
  38. A movie set during Christmas
  39. A movie set in the future
  40. a movie set in Africa
  41. A movie set somewhere you never want to visit
  42. A movie longer than 2 hours
  43. A movie in a language you don’t speak
  44. A movie from your childhood
  45. A popular director’s first movie
  46. A movie with a color in the title
  47. A movie you started but never finished
  48. A movie with bad reviews
  49. A movie with a musician you like
  50. A movie you were supposed to see in school but didn’t
  51. A movie with non-human characters
  52. A movie with antonyms in its title

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