img_5695Forget about the 365 days of January and the hot sun that makes the days even longer. Forget about how much you have been waiting for pay day. Well, just kidding – don’t forget that. But after all this, comes one of the best days of the year; Valentines day. 😀

Soon, the whole world will be red. Because its actually a really important day and kind of a big deal, you need to bring your A game on. If you are struggling to get the groove on, fear not. Duara is with you, we make it happen. 😉

Valentines Day 2016, you did the norm. You had dinner and went home, or  your single self sat and thought about how many hours 14th Feb has. This year, things need to get turnt, single or coupled up. LOL.

Here are a few things that you can pull and make the day a good one. Thank me later 🙂

  1. Old Is Gold

Instead of buying those romantic love cards that have red splashed all over, you could go the old school way. Write an amazing love letter or buy colored pencils and draw tiny hearts. Old school is the new

2. Go Big

Make a grand romantic gesture. Paint the windows red, write on your car, even rent a billboard! Make the love of your life feel loved all the way.romantic-gesture

3. Poems and Love Notes

Get a book of love poems and, every day in February, read a poem to your partner. Fill the cookie jar with love notes. No matter how you cheesy all these things sound, you never know how much they mean to your loved one.


4. Dance, Dance, Dance

Slow dance with your partner. It doesn’t matter if you have two left feet, just let go, dance and have fun, Put on some love songs and enjoy the feel of good music and move to the beat. Music is food for the soul.

5. Serenade, please!

Give your loved one a balloon bouquet and serenade your loved on Valentine’s Day.1_a2cc7e40-292b-4db3-9e26-0459fad7d9ca_grande.jpeg

Try and see how it goes 🙂

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