With weddings getting more personalized and trends changing with every waking day, some wedding traditions have become not only boring and mainstream, but also outdated. Take note, you may find something you’ve always wanted to change. 😉

  1. White Gown and Veil

The traditional white dress is slowly becoming an option. Not every bride loves white, so yes, it is absolutely okay to choose another color. There are amazing wedding gowns that have been wore, ranging from shades of white to the bolder colors of red and black.

Veils were traditionally worn to keep away evil spirits. And let’s be honest, not all owns look great with a veil. Say goodbye to the veils and try out hair accessories. You’ll be glad you tried it.

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  1. Religious Institutions

God is everywhere, right? If you are for real, your vows will be as real at a garden venue as they would have been in a religious venue. It also saves on the cost of two or more venues!

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  1. Gender-based Line up

So what if the bride’s best friend is male, or vice versa? What if she wanted her male best friend in her lineup, or he wanted his sister in his lineup? It is 2017, people. It’s perfectly okay to kick goodbye the gender based lineups and spice things up. Women can be part of the groomsmen and men can be part of the bridesmaids!

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  1. Formal Traditional Ceremony

Say goodbye to walking down the aisle with your parents, with Wagner’s Bridal Chorus playing in the background, exchanging traditional vows with formal programs, etc etc. Personalize your wedding! Walk down the aisle with whomever you please, with your song of choice being played in the background, write your own vows, and have a less formal ceremony!

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  1. Photography Session

We Africans are the worst when it comes to this. The amount of time taken in between the vows ceremony and reception becomes too prolonged, as it is photo session. Scrap out the old rituals and opt for a photography session in the evening after the reception, or in the morning before the ceremony. This not only saves time, but also helps cut down costs on reception. An early reception can do okay with snacks, as opposed to main meals 🙂

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  1. Matching Attire

Let’s say goodbye to having bridesmaids and grooms wearing exact outfits. With your color schemes and theme, and guided by what you feel is too extreme, have the bridal party wear clothes that suit their style and personalities. Mismatching outfits as well as mixing up colors will be beautiful.

  1. Specified Seating Sides

We are here to celebrate your union. All through the marriage negotiations, we sat on specific sides: for the groom and for the bride. Now that you are one, let the arrangements be less traditional. It gives people a chance to bond, too. And there are many ways to avoid the traditional two-side sitting arrangements 🙂

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  1. Bouquet and Garter Toss

Aren’t you tired of bridesmaids falling or groomsmen toppling over each other during the tosses? Why not store up your bouquet as a reminder of your big day? Have a box that will contain pieces of your wedding day. It will be a worthwhile investment.

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  1. Gifts and Favors

For the married couple, it is okay to give gifts and favors to the guests in attendance. This saves the hustle of sending out thank you notes after the wedding. It doesn’t have to be fancy.

For the guests, ensure you find out if it is a “whatever-gift-you-bring” wedding or more of “here-is-our-gift-list” wedding. It saves the ill feeling of bringing a wrong gift. In addition, if you don’t bring a gift to the wedding, you have one year to buy a gift J More than that, and you’re just plain nasty.

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  1. Honeymoon Time

With all the fatigue and pocket breaking hustle leading up to the wedding, it is advisable to have your honeymoon sometime after the wedding, as opposed to immediately after. Settle in, arrange your house, reconcile your finances, and then go and have your honeymoon when all is settled.

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