2016 saw massive changes in events. Right from the setup to the décor to the activities involved, 2016 had one major theme: EXPERIENCE OVER STUFF. We dedicate this post to recap the trends that made events in 2016 amazing. Did you incorporate any?

  1. No Cash Payment

Long queues at the gate for payment became drastically low and significantly faster. Instead, there was online payment through wristbands, online payment channels, smartphones, etc. Mpesa, ticketsasa, etc were some of the channels that made this possible.

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  1. More Security

With the increasing terror threats, security became a must-have in events. Both social and corporate events incorporated this, mostly to keep the guests feeling safe. It’s no wonder there are more and more security firms popping up this year. 😀

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  1. Local Venues

As opposed to destination weddings and corporate events, most planners had their events held locally. Money that would have been spent for travel, etc was put into having a greater and better experience at local venues. Quite economical, right?

  1. Live Streaming

Though previously criticized over concerns of risk of low sales, more and more events have embraced live streaming. This brought bout drastic improvement in reaching people and creating event awareness. With TV Stations, Facebook Live, Snapchat, Skype and InstaStory and live online conversations, this became easier.

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  1. Use of Social Media Apps

Events appreciated the use and efficiency of social media, with apps such as Snapchat and Skype being used for marketing, live streaming, etc.

  1. Special Event Apps and Websites

Some events introduced their own event apps and/or websites. These provide details of the event and any other communication needed. They are a great tool in getting RSVPs, and effective communication.

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  1. Stickers and Filters

Some events used stickers and filters for promotion and marketing of their events. These filters and stickers can be added to images people take.

  1. Personalized Events

More and more people and companies personalized their events and weddings. Colors, themes, décor, etc depicted more of the company and persons involved, as opposed to general formal feels of before. Pop culture themes, décor and music have dominated most events.

  1. Digital Swag Bags

Finding creative and unique gift and favor ideas has been a major challenge for event hosts. 2016 saw more companies giving away digital swag bags. These include online gift vouchers or offers, from specific stores and outlets. They create less clutter, are more environmentally friendly ad cut down on costs.

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  1. Social Ambassadors

In appreciating the efficiency and influence social media has had this year, advertising and promoting events through social media has taken over. The use of social media ambassadors has become very common. These are basically brand ambassadors who represent and talk about a company to potential customers through social media.

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