It’s Christmas Season! Kenyans may not be all-out as the Westerners are, but we sure can have fun this Christmas. Whether heading upcountry or spending in urban areas, here are 7 ideas family, relatives and friends can try out and spice the weekend 🙂

  1. Potluck

Organize a potluck with your neighbors, family members or friends. It can comprise main dishes only, cocktails only, desserts only, appetizers only, or a combination of the above. It’s an amazing way to bring friends and family together. And who doesn’t love a holiday meal?

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  1. Craftsranvaganzaa

Bring out the creative side of you by organizing a craftsravaganza. Bring together your kids, friends or relatives to make simple DIY gifts and decorations. This is a fun activity even for men!

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  1. Cast-off Gift Exchange

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, yes? In the spirit of gift giving during this season, cast-off exchanges usually work well, in circles that will accept it. It simply entails passing on a previously received (and unwanted) gift to someone else. All gifts must be wrapped. Passing them on can be to someone specific, or people can just randomly pick a gift. Interesting, right?

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  1. Karaoke

You can either drag your friends to a karaoke bar or invest in a home karaoke set. Have a marathon of Christmas Carols, either for fun, as mini competitions, lip syncing, lyric competitions, etc.

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  1. Carol Service

In local churches, social halls, schools, or outdoor arenas, attending Christmas Carol Services would be a great idea for the whole family. You can also host your own! Get family, friends and neighbors and hold an informal carol service.

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  1. Movie Marathon

A movie marathon will put everyone in a festive mood. Bring together a couple of friends, share a few family movie marathon with the kids, or have two sets; one for the kids and another for the adults. Be sure to keep it less than five films, and introduce additional games to accompany the movie.

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  1. Pet Holiday Party

We have seen the various dog festivals. How about organizing a pet festival with friends? It doesn’t have to be a national festival. Have people come with their cats and dogs all dressed up in Christmas cheer and have a competition. Any excuse to have fun, right? 😀

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