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A single Valentine

So in the next 4 hours the town will be painted red. I mean its valentines day and you are here thinking I just got over Christmas single can I get done with this too? Holidays are the heaven of... Continue Reading →


Groom’s Guide To Wedding Planning

Traditionally, wedding planning has been entirely left to the bride and her team. However, grooms are slowly embracing the idea of helping to plan for their day. In our last post here we gave you reasons why grooms should take... Continue Reading →

Why Grooms Should Take Charge Of Wedding Planning

Traditionally, wedding planning has been left to the bride and whatever team she comes up with. Even when a couple hire a wedding planner, they will always need to consult with the planner. However, not many grooms take part in... Continue Reading →

How To Save Money On Your Wedding

Here are 20 tips to help you save money when planning your wedding 🙂 Don’t get married on a Saturday Saturdays will always be more expensive than weekdays. Choose a weekday, like Friday, where you can have a great time... Continue Reading →

Bride Rules 101

Being a bride is just like being a princess. Girls grow up dreaming about their wedding day and once it is comes, it is a dream come true. To have fairy-tale wedding and be as beautiful and radiant as ever... Continue Reading →

The Bride’s Checklist

Planning any event can be nerve racking, and weddings top of the list. I am yet to get married, but my encounter with a few brides has shown me that this can be such a trying moment. From the hustle... Continue Reading →


When going wedding gown shopping, there are a few things every bride should put into perspective; Time: choose a time of the day you can spare enough time, without worrying of getting late elsewhere. Upper body: the top of your... Continue Reading →

Designs for Bridesmaid Dresses

Getting the ideal bridesmaid dresses is hard work. There are six things brides should put in mind when it comes to bridesmaid dresses. It has to be a color that will flatter ALL ladies in the lineup. Certain designs will not... Continue Reading →

Date Night Ideas; S through Z

The final segment for the Date Night Ideas ABC sequence. Letters S through Z 🙂 S for: Swimming: even if you don’t know how to swim, try spending time around a mass of water together. 😀 Stargazing: have you ever... Continue Reading →

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